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7.8 property management serve a risk to be on guard case is analysed 2

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Shenzhen inside limits of some village red line, outside village enclosure, former development business built adornment sex street lamp, the chimney of street lamp is glass, bulbiform, be worn through procrastinating bottomly and bolt, spacer undertakes fixed. A of a day of undergraduate leaves a course from street lamp, chimney is broken fall to get hurt to A face ministry send a hospital cure, form 10 class to disable through appraisal. A is sued to the court, request compensation medical expenses, disable the aggregate RMB such as solatium of accessorial cost, spirit 300 thousand yuan.

Through judicial cognizance, to the course of its happening both sides does not have controversy, clear oneself has card of quote of property management unit regularly the cleanness of street lamp, change, the overhaul, provided corresponding record. Through judicial mediation, both sides comes to an agreement, RMB of A of undergraduate of compensation of property management unit 50 thousand yuan.

   Brief analysis:

In afore-mentioned case, property management unit needs to assume quote responsibility lawfully, prove lamp of him satisfy the need fall without responsibility, perhaps cause by voluntary action of the victim, but this are very difficult. Considering this one problem, property manages unit and the other side to make fair compensation through talking things over. After the case ends, after property management unit and village owner committee talk things over, the village outside, the street lamp inside red line is demolished entirely, eliminate potential risk and hidden danger.