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7.5 equipment venture is on guard

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Basis " byelaw " the 27th regulation, the property that all owner enjoys lawfully is common place, common the droit of facilities facilities or use, the management of property itself and public facilities and establishment is the main job content of property management unit. Public facilities mixes building noumenon and village edifice common equipment management and the main field that maintaining the hidden danger with potential respect also is property management venture. To be on guard afore-mentioned risks, property manages an unit to should begin from the following respects:

Above all, property management company and development business or owner committee sign property government contract to carry on when property, ought to be opposite property is common place, common facilities facilities undertakes probation, in managing an unit to undertake joining a course with former development business or owner committee, former property, answer property common place, common the problem of the current situation of facilities facilities and existence has tell sb one's real intentions and record, understand the breakdown that ever appeared before and hidden danger, each just enter running hand face to affirm, these record the reference material that the risk is on guard after serving as with the circumstance. It is the accident that the reason causes to connecting the major damage that discovers in the process and person, according to different situation, of affirmatory responsibility and repair expenses assume principal part.

Carry on in conduction property when checking and accept formalities, property management unit should receive following data to construction unit: (One) complete general layout, complete of monomer building, structure, equipment pursues, establishment of form a complete set, underground is in charge of the complete such as graph of net project complete to check and accept a data; (2) the installation of facilities facilities, use and the technical data such as care and maintenance; (3) property quality guarantees file and file of property service instruction; (4) the other data that property management needs.

These fundamental technology data are institute of property government service must, also be to rise level of management and be on guard the file with risk necessary place, of legal hazard be on guard is to build be on guard in equipment and risk of establishment itself technology on the foundation: Build in village and edifice especially after time is longer, hidden trouble leads year after year to increase with the machine of accident happening, the coefficient of the risk also increases in year after year, because this many facilities and establishment need are new medium repair, overhaul, undertake changing even, afore-mentioned data should be mixed again more indispensable.

In the course that just joins each, to new property management the unit delivers afore-mentioned full data, it is former development what committee of business, owner and unit of former property management should fulfill is legal with contract obligation, if nonperformance, the agree carries corresponding responsibility of breach of contract.
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