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Risk of 7.6 communal environments is on guard

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The afforest of public section, disappear kills village and edifice, the environment pollutes rectify and reform and the standard management such as public section construction is to eliminate communal environment the necessary job of insecure element and hidden trouble.
The unit construction such as the maintenance engineering of the public facilities of village and edifice or other water supply, power supply, cable television, network, communication needs, perhaps connect beside path of public, village on the road establishment of underground of digging pit, reparative installation, property management unit should supervise construction unit or by property management the unit is in setting of construction site periphery indicates apparently and adopt safe preventive measure, avoid to cause other person and belongings to damage.

Property management unit falls in afore-mentioned case, because maintain property public perhaps interest, need to take up temporarily truly, dig road, field, ought to ask for those who get owner committee and property management company to agree; Property management company needs to take up temporarily truly, dig road, field, ought to ask for those who get owner commission to agree, property manages an unit to answer to sign an agreement before construction with relevant construction unit, to village construction spot management and risk are on guard, legal responsibility partakes the problem undertakes conventional, reduce the legal hazard of property management unit and liability. After construction ends, ought to will take up temporarily, the road of mining, field, restorable inside conventional deadline, eliminate risk and hidden danger.

The afforest of the public section of village and edifice and disappear reduce the job is to safeguard the surroundings with village and good edifice. But property management unit is in afore-mentioned jobs, should notice to because afore-mentioned working itself give extensive course of study Feng Hefei,avoid the potential risk that owner makes choose and employ persons is brought and hidden trouble. When afforest conserve, property management unit often is opposite new cultivated lawn and other plant, use surround bar means prevents a pedestrian to pass, in order to achieve the goal of conserve. With will surround those who bar is very much use take the iron wire that rolls thorn, and this iron wire is when the night, the pedestrian is very ugly and clear, cause easily the pedestrian is blundered and fall. Manage the provisionality roadblock that the unit sets in public section to property, whether can the fraise itself that must consider to use above all build the person of didymous other to damage, should choose safe fraise, can change iron wire for example for smooth circular bamboo pole, try nightly glance material; Next, before fraise need sets the apparent label that reminds pedestrian attention, inform a pedestrian to notice to mix circuitous. The village should be in before disappear is killed or the edifice is fair show column to tell owner and servant of the abet that be not course of study ahead of schedule, inform the timeline that disappear kills, remind the safety that notices minor and pet; Disappear kills a process in, the area to exercise should try to close appropriately, prevent a pedestrian to pass temporarily; Disappear reduces the proper time after finishing, should be all round operation area region, hint and inform a label the setting is apparently, because owner and choose and employ persons of the abet that be not course of study are below unwitting circumstance,avoid, cause person and belongings to damage.
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