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Rules of procedure of 8.3 owner congress (example)

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  Owner congress rules of procedure (example)

  General principles of the first chapter

The first (constitute a basis)

Basis " property regulation " with relevant code, regulations, make rules of procedure of congress of definitive edition owner, and classics year Month Day owner congress discusses through.

The 2nd (the composition of owner congress)

This owner congress manages all owner inside area to comprise by this property.
The owner committee that this owner congress establishs is actuator.
This owner congress at Year Month Of day first the day that owner congress conference holds holds water.

The 3rd (owner congress tenet)

The legitimate rights and interests in this owner congress is represented and safeguarding all owner inside property management section to run an activity in property, the reasonable, safety that ensures property is used, uphold the public order inside this property management section, create neat, safe, comfortable, civilized living environment.

The 4th (property management area is main circumstance)

One, owner congress name: .
Owner committee business address: .
2, limits of property management section (the 4th content and attached drawing) :
3, property type: The residence, office building, business property of room, workshop and storehouse, other type.
4, survey of property management section:
Cover an area of an area: Square metre
Building total floor area: Square metre, among them residential square metre, cover, blame residence Square metre.

  Congress of owner of the 2nd chapter

The 5th (content of owner congress discuss official business)

(One) make, modification owner convention and owner congress rules of procedure;
(2) the plan that decision choosing hires property management company and company of dismiss property management:
(3) decide special maintenance capital uses plan and add to plan program;
(4) matters concerned of lawsuit of decision owner congress;
(5) election, unmake owner committee committee member;
(6) the working attributive that discusses decision owner committee and mobile funds;
(7) the working report that investigates owner committee and property management company;
(8) discuss a decision the property inside property management section is common place and common of facilities facilities use, gains plan;
(9) discuss establish property government the property inside area is common place and common of facilities facilities use, public order and environment are healthy maintain the regulations system that waits for a respect;
(10) the undeserved decision of change and cancel owner committee;
(11) the decision involves owner inside this property management section the other and major item of common interest.

The 6th (form of owner congress conference)
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