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Risk of 7.4 fire control is on guard

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The fire control problem of village and edifice is to matter to the crucial question of safety of broad owner and life of choose and employ persons of the abet that be not course of study, belongings, also be to have at the same time govern matter professionally certainly. When property manages unit head preexistence to take over village and mansion property management, be aimed at especially build village and mansion, can assist check what whether already carried fire control section to check and accept, obtain fire control to check and accept certificate of approval. Before the village did not obtain fire control to check and accept certificate of approval with the edifice, property manages an unit to be able to be entered ahead of schedule, but accountability the hidden trouble that exists fire control or flaw are informed trust management.

After owner join the gang, undertake 2 times decorating a process, property management unit examines owner to apply for to decorate a day, whether to affect structural safety, whether does use data accord with fire control requirement. Decorate a process in owner at the same time in, should supervise owner to whether ask to provide weapon of fire control put out a fire according to fire control, decorating the spot to answer forbidden bright fire: Whether does supervisory owner damage in decorating a process establishment of public fire protection and appliance. The behavior of establishment of public to attaint fire protection and appliance should undertake check and be correctived immediately, cause major damage or serious consequence, property management unit should be in charge of sectional report to fire control, by fire control director branch is undertaken handling lawfully.

Property management unit is having property government in the process, undertake daily maintenance and conserve to the fire control establishment of village and edifice and appliance. The maintenance of fire control establishment and conserve item entrust professional fire control corporation; In needing to fire control establishment, repair, overhaul reach what check according to fire control branch to rectify and reform an opinion, should depend on the program that law sets, classics owner congress agrees, from the expenditure in maintaining capital.

When village and edifice produce fire control accident, property management unit should be in call the police for a short while, assist fire control branch to have trouble removal; Ensure fire control establishment, apparatus is whole with the function normal; Use correctly what relevant personnel can be familiar with and master fire control establishment.