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Chengdu house price already was close to land agent bottom line

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For the person to live oneself or investing house property, whether did the house price with current Chengdu already drop is level sex bottom? When when industry foreign capital gold has begun to copy city of bottom China building, does Chengdu house price have how old fall after all space? Whether has level sex bottom come? Is the autumn room that is about to run this month handed in on the meeting whether " can be know how things stand and feel confident of handling them copied " ? Does investment house property have again what kind of " doohickey " ?
Chengdu house price already was close to land agent bottom line
Chengdu far earth produces Lei Zhuanwen of general manager Ruan to point out, chengdu passes the value with much half an year to adjust, the price fall of most project 10%-15% left and right sides, fall after a rise comes the when level at the beginning of 2007, attribute small profit sale more currently, a few project has sustained losses in business even without profit sale sale. Do not eliminate to still can individual development business maintains no less than going to that sustain losses in business to depreciate, but even if is such, the space that the price falls again already not quite. The house belongs to consumable of high value, long-term sex, sell the development business with crossing difficulty to needing to sustain losses in business, the quality of the building that they develop and support service make a person be at ease hard normally, appear very likely to depreciate more the situation that jumps over nobody to buy.
   Hangzhou house propertyRelevant personnel discloses, making work currently building dish earthy ground is gained before 2006 originally, the part is making work building dish land is even obtain before 2003. This year first half of the year, although Chengdu is new,the earthy price pattern of sell one's own things drops substantially, but the gross area of sell one's own things is very few, the total amount of sell one's own things makes an appointment with 5 billion yuan only, can't be opposite 2007 already the costly land of sell one's own things makes big impact.
Compare to it, new open quotation of limits of big first half of the year this year Chengdu Lou Panjun price 5836.8 yuan / square metre, advocate new open quotation of the city zone Lou Panjun price 6183.8 yuan / smooth rice, take no account of continue inflation, press existing price level to calculate, current price is less than prospective cost 1146 yuan / square metre.
   Hangzhou house propertyThe analysis thinks, from 2008 first since, as a result of price of cement, rolled steel, labour force rise quickly, of average house build how cost is short-term inside rose to make an appointment with 600 yuan / square metre, among them of common elevator apartment build installed cost to exceed 2000 yuan / square metre, wait for cost plus expenses of operation of cost of construction of net of charge of charge of business tax, design, afforest charge, municipal form a complete set, canal, company, the blame price cost of average house exceeded 3000 yuan / square metre. 2007 already the average floor price of land of sell one's own things is 4329 yuan / square metre, that is to say the average and complete cost after these land build a house exceeded 7329 yuan / square metre, even if presses the profit computation of 10% , the average price of these houses should exceed 8061 yuan
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