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Guizhou empty room can be put " bank "

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The reporter learned from center of displacement of Guizhou Province building recently, guiyang citizen can resemble his unused house putting money to be put into euqally " building bank " , the accrual that collection does not poor. Current, "Building bank " the quantity that put a house already amounted to more than 2300.

According to center of displacement of Guizhou Province building development studies the Wang Qiuliang of the ministry introduces, with common building intermediary source of room of only responsible introduction differs, "Building bank " should part with rental square, bear hire just sign a contract, assume all sorts of jobs such as building of collection hire, maintenance, landlord needs to get rent by the month with bankbook only. In addition, the price of standardization and open and transparent collecting fees also is " building bank " one of reasons that are favorred. According to introducing, to Guiyang city the building of each a sector of an area, "Building bank " can integrated front, floor, traffic, decorate wait for a lot of element, hire valence by computer system cipher out; "Building bank " will from inside earned chummage, every flatlet house deducts hire of 23 days, as pay of a year.