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Room of 27 thousand price fixing of Beijing enters town

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On August 25, as stone scene a mountainous area gold carries · sunshine on the head to shake date ceremony is held publicly, first price fixing room distributes the capital carry out shakes date pulls open big screen formally. Future inside a month, the price fixing house that includes the division such as abundant stage area, Haidian area shakes number also develops in succession, room of Beijing price fixing begins to center to the limit of one's capacity.

As we have learned, add up to of first price fixing room 4457. Up to on August 28, shi Jingshan area is mixed 1784 times the order choosing a room that abundant stage area files a family 1148 times arises entirely, and will in September primary election room.

Beijing housing ensures office director Cheng Jianhua to divulge, project of room of 9 price fixing will be in Beijing each the city zone finished entirely before the bottom in October shake date matchs carry out publicly, add up to 27 thousand. Duration building city " Jin Jiuyin 10 " during coming, large quantities of quantities are in the price and area the price fixing house that boards to all have an advantage enters town centrally, affect profundity building city situation undoubtedly.

Sunshine standing vice-president Fan Xiaochong is accepting group of 100 buy trade this kind is conveyed to be anxious when the reporter is interviewed. He thinks, influence degree depends on fixed position is same. "If be high-grade building dish fixed position is affected for high-end crowd not quite, but those suffer numerous with similar of price fixing room intermediate building dish will bear enormous pressure. But those suffer numerous with similar of price fixing room intermediate building dish will bear enormous pressure..

I love my home Hu Jinghui of vise general manager indicates approval to afore-mentioned views. He expresses, because Beijing building city lasts this year low fan, a lot of new dish prepare to be in " Jin Jiuyin 10 " this traditional busy season is done this year last wrestle. "But the price fixing room of so general quantity enters town at the same time, will naturally billabong part buys room demand, the sale affects unavoidable. The sale affects unavoidable..

Larger to the limit of one's capacity still is from the back. According to Introduction Cheng Jianhua, beijing made room of price fixing of 8 million square metre and the land that ensure sexual housing supply a plan this year, among them price fixing room adds up to 4.5 million square metre. "After ************ , lot of price fixing room still appears on the market concentration. Lot of price fixing room still appears on the market concentration..