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Chongqing building dish price kick upstairs

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Building dish the price if really " bright litre solid fall " ? To this, chongqing of buy course of study seductivelies dressed or made up in Mao Fang of manager of plan of finite liability company gives deny, as a result of,saying is door model, different of equal difference of front, position, just cause certain after rising in price door model lower than doing not have the unit price that rise in price, this is individual difference merely, hit before folding all valence, "Really every square metre went up 200 yuan. "Really every square metre went up 200 yuan..

Expert: Rising in price is the method that helps city

Chongqing university estate fastens expert Huang Zhengjun to think, below the circumstance with at present stagnant market, announce " rise in price " more is to develop business to use proof building dish the sale shift of character, also be a kind of method that develops business to help city actively, "Rose in price not to sell well on behalf of the house. " because of the building dish the sale has 2~3 lunar client is accumulated period, although somebody buys a house after rise in price, also cannot be opposite on behalf of the person that buy a house and market " rise in price " admissive manner.