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Chongqing building dish price kick upstairs

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The Chongqing building that announces to rise in price dish last weekend formal open quotation, although sale status is pretty good, but the expert inside course of study thinks, somebody is bought, do not represent " rise in price " behavior has been accepted by the market.

Chongqing university estate fastens expert Huang Zhengjun to think, development business although with " rise in price " will attract eyeball, but probable meeting casts a more privilege, "The number rises, do not represent the defray that buy a house to be able to rise. Do not represent the defray that buy a house to be able to rise..

"Rise in price the door " building dish sell 100 1 day

" Chongqing times " report, in " rise in price the door " in those who announce to rise in price is medium smelt metal · ave, 6 days rise in price with every square metre 200 yuan price open quotation, become first open quotation " rise in price the door " building dish.

In Na Ping the spot sees, many person that buy a house come round to see a room, according to not complete count, open quotation made an appointment with work off that day 100 flatlet. "Seeing consumer be behaved to rising in price is not particularly sensitive. " this building dish relevant controller thinks.

And in open quotation spot, express to seeing the middleaged couple of the building, the element waits to had made an on-the-spot investigation for many times to a sector of an area, environment before this, want the price to had not gone up only its psychology bears limits, still can consider to buy. This still expresses to the couple, "Strength of open quotation privilege is greater " , also be they are done not have by " rise in price the door " frighten one of accounts that withdraw.

The person that buy a house: Won't chase after buy rise in price room

Nevertheless " rise in price " the person that one word still lets buy a house not less was hit " retreat a kind of drum used in Chinese operas " . Can see on one famous forum, be less than the time of a week, about " rise in price the door " leave a message to had had hundreds, major netizen says to won't be chased after buy rise in price room, even still the netizen expresses will " boycott rises in price building dish " . Netizen " accept penalty " appeal netizen near future does not consider to buy a house temporarily, because " very afraid and other development chamber of commerce borrow this stunt to come loot a burning house " , with " we also should rise in price accordingly immediately " for fall to the person that buy a house set, because this had better be when the end of the year says again.

Develop business: Deny " bright go up solid fall "

A few netizens still are in refer " rise in price the door " time analyse, development business is met necessarily exert " bright go up dark fall " idiomatic gimmick. As we have learned, what had announced to rise in price is medium smelt metal · ave, its sale price by every square metre 4780 yuan, went up 4980 yuan. But a few as a result of firm open quotation door model have 2000~10000 yuan the privilege of above, partial door after folding, cover inside unit price is controlled in 4600 yuan, compared with before of open quotation, of area of close floor close door model, every square metre probably little 200 yuan.
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