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Local government loosens slightly to estate adjusting control

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The photograph of estate adjusting control that did not loosen with central a bit is compared, the policy that city of a few provinces publishs in succession begins to show delicate change. If Xi'an municipal government sets, come since September 4, 2008 on December 31, 2009, press total of the money that buy a house to buying room door, cent 1.5% , 1% , 3 0.5% grade offer certain proportional finance subsidy.

Changsha also published a regulation a few days ago, change building fact fills for monetary allowance, have economy to this city allowance of the person that applicable room buys room qualification 80 thousand yuan. Analytic personage thinks, this action is divided outside continueing to implement policy of safeguard sex housing, more conduce to promotion clinching a deal quantity, active house market.

Business of a development says about the personage, real estate is the big head of finance income, local government does not hope estate investment puts delay. Local government besides publishing direct policy, still can send a sale through shifting to an earlier date card, strive for land to supply wait for means to give give aid to.

Dan Niemei is unripe think, the move strength of local government still finite, because its cannot bypass the central policy that has systole to money and ground root. July, countrywide land purchases area, development area and area of new go into operation 3 index, annulus comparing all appears two digit drop, showing this round of landed adjusting control still is quite severe.

Differ with the developed country such as the United States, market of our country estate is with increment the market is given priority to. To price of adjusting control house, besides outside demand end, still answer to increase housing available supply in supply end. Tell from this angle, developing business to maintain certain development to invest speed is necessary. SOHO China (business special administrative area, the building below the banner dish) Pan Shige of trustee bureau chairman thinks, the difficulty with development the at present biggest business is to lack cash, if monetary policy is loosened moderately, perhaps trade to land in taxation respect duty, value added tax undertakes adjustment, already enough to developing business. In prospective 1-2 domestic estate market is not valued inside year, but will for a long time see a foreground light.

Sun Fei of director of abroad development center speaks of Chinese enterprise, industry of eye anteroom ground the finance of 95% above kind capital originates commercial bank, this scale is unreasonable, increased bank risk already, bring about deficient of estate financing channel again. Future should be built " fiducial + negotiable securities changes bank + PE of + of + capital market " mutiple level financing channel, among them fiducial be being changed with negotiable securities should be one of mainstream financing channel.
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