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Zhejiang is saved house price continues first half of the year perch moves

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According to saving real estate association, short for Zhejiang Province the combination of big estate research center is investigated, commodity house price continues to maintain perch to move first half of the year, all valence is6090Yuan/Square metre, with on year grow compared to the same period5.0%, with photograph comparing keeps balance basically first quarter.

And in the past2002Year to2007Year, commodity house trades the price with year all23.5%rate rises quickly. 2007Year, commodity house all valence is5802Yuan/Square metre, than going up year of growth21.5%.

   Hangzhou house propertyThe expert thinks, I save commodity house to be in first half of the year sale status somewhat below the circumstance of fall after a rise, commodity house price keeps basically stable, show macroscopical adjusting controlShow macroscopical adjusting controlStabilize room valueStabilize room valueachievement is being shown gradually.