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Ning Bo is secondhand the room hangs list price case to begin to become loose

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A mighty uproar that the act that 10 thousand divisions roll out low room source causes in city of peaceful wave building just opened build probably. Business is developed in each busyBusiness is developed in each busyCan follow suit divingCan follow suit divingWhen making known one's position, can drop in price of house of consider carefully of the person that buy a house and hesitate when, secondhand room city alreadySecondhand room city alreadyWarm duck of Chun Jiang water is propheticWarm duck of Chun Jiang water is prophetic.

FromHangzhou office buildingKnow, secondhand room market already appeared the case that penalty due to breach of contract of Mai Jianing compensate also wants to return a house, partial landlord also begins to choose to reduce register list price case, clinch a deal price falls detective further, hang out one's shingle room source centers to the limit of one's capacity.

   The person that the part buys a house

Signed a contract to go back on his word again

  Signed a contract to go back on his word againWe have a client, took a fancy to sweet case lira90The house of square metre, talk come down the price is9010 thousand yuan, signed a contract last week, still paid210 thousand yuan of deposit. Unexpectedly this week calls suddenly for, did not want to buy, saying is head pay chip do not come out, but understanding of our after the event is informed, he is to feel house price may fall again. This goes back on this word, want loss deposit to increase intermediary cost likely310 thousand yuan or so. He hopes we can do the work that does landlord, return one part deposit. Return one part deposit.. Zhang Jie of general manager of house property of flourishing of another name for Ningbo tells a reporter.

The reporter discovers in interview, the case that auxes would rather the penalty due to breach of contract on compensate also insists to want to change the plan that buy a house is more than this one.
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