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Tone loan is standard below Central Bank decision interest rate and deposit rese

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Tone loan is standard below decision of Chinese people bank interest rate and deposit reserve are led

To carry out the deploy that the Party Central Committee, the State Council works to economy of second half of the year, the outstanding issue that be in is put in solving current economy to move, fulfil distinction to treat, have retain pressure, the principle that the structure optimizes, maintain national economy to develop more quickly smoothly continuously, tone RMB loan is standard below decision of Chinese people bank interest rate and in reserve of deposit of RMB of small finance orgnaization leads:

Since September 16, 2008, reduce a year period RMB loan is standard interest rate 0.27 percent, loan of other time class is standard interest rate according to short-term the principle that moves less much air, for a long time is made adjust accordingly; Deposit is fiducial interest rate keeps changeless.

Since September 25, 2008, outside be not being reduced except of short duration of bank of industrial and commercial bank, agriculture bank, Bank of China, construction, transportation bank, postal savings bank, other bank savings kind reserve of deposit of financial orgnaization RMB is led reduce a percent, reserve of deposit of orgnaization of finance of legal person of place of heavy disaster area of earthquake of plain of short of Wenshui River is led reduce 2 percent.