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"Two rate double fall " land agent decreases negative an utterly inadequate meth

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Gold of the 1st money only company of information of dispatch home famous banking -- new China finance and economics, announced on September 15 with respect to people bank " two rate double fall " publish a comment to the influence of real-estate industry. New China finance and economics thinks, this Central Bank " two rate " adjust, report gives a government to answer global finance queasy the manner that grows aggravate of the evidence that put delay with domestic economy, but policy fine tuning is not rescue real estate, accordingly to be in the Chinese real-estate industry in predicament at present character, border sense is not actually great.

New China vice-president of finance and economics holds financial condition grade and research chief Chen Songxing concurrently to express to the reporter, go up century foamy of estate of Japan of 80 time later period is arisen with undone, it is by Japan the Central Bank appreciates in this money greatly after causing estate spec overheat, still pursue policy of low interest rate for a long time to cause. Although estate market of home has all in all effect to the stability of national economy, the proportion that estate investment holds GDP is in 10% the left and right sides, but of the United States second borrow the crisis and once lesson of experience of Japanese estate bubble, make governmental estate policy tends conservative, short-term inside won't have marked change. This " rate double fall " , although be opposite real estate person have definite psychology to comfort action, but from the point of economic essence, not big to the immediate impact of the industry. The market that at present estate market rises not to drop only anticipates, just just began to turn round inside countrywide limits.

In the meantime, new China finance and economics also points out, from the point of financial angle, lower interest this brought interest expenses decreases, development business should is more than common the person that buy a house, because press the remaining sum of countrywide housing loan that end announced in June 2008,1.95 trillion yuan of RMBs calculate remaining sum of loan of 3.25 trillion yuan of RMBs and countrywide estate development, the person that buy a house and annual of forehead of expenses of interest of development business loan reduce 3 billion yuan of RMBs and left and right sides of 5 billion yuan of RMBs respectively, the benefit that develops trade group to go up in finance affairs is undoubted and a few more largish. But those who need an attention is, from the point of market whole, domestic estate market is at present annual sale is close 3 trillion yuan of RMBs, investment also exceeds 2.5 trillion yuan of RMBs, accordingly, of expenses of this part interest decreasing is negligible undoubtedly. Show level develops business to home and character is the mainest is not loan interest rate to drop, borrow money however the exhibition period after expiring and add lend an issue, this also is the guttural place that looks anteroom real estate develops business.
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