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Price of house of peaceful wave commodity increasingly vitrification

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Recently, bureau of supervisory examination of price of peaceful wave city develops the discovery when management enterprise and orgnaization of estate intermediary service selective examination to partial estate, 5 enterprises that are checked already accomplished plain code to mark a price, commodity house price is in ceaseless vitrification.

Be in charge of sectional provision according to saving prices, since Feburary 1, plain code of house of executive commodity of peaceful wave city marks a price sale, namely estate development management company and sale of orgnaization of estate intermediary service build commodity house to ought to execute plain code to mark a price, the commodity house that plain code marks a price includes to make work now and be opened to booking. Plain code of commodity house sale marks a price adopt mark a price the means of card, price-list or price manual; Still can use the means such as announcement of news of Internet inquiry, multimedia terminal inquiry, electron conditionally to execute plain code to mark a price.

After this regulation is carried out, city price supervises examination bureau to carry out plain code to mark a price to enterprise of house property of peaceful wave city the circumstance begins special inspection. Check discovery, plain code of business of sale of house of commodity of share of peaceful wave city marks a price make attack by surprise of the cloak that get hide from view, not quite normative. If some estate companies are public shown price-list is only indicative unit price of house bugle call, floor area, sale and project of house total prices, not fair however show a sale condition, door model, building layer is tall, set inside floor area, part of one's job is carried equally shared the circumstance such as floor area; Some house property companies mark a price the card already was made end, not was in however marked position is official show etc. The enterprise of 26 house property of sampling observation, more or less the problem exists, prices examination branch is given out on the spot to be suspected of twice violating the enterprise of compasses " rectify and reform advice note " , be opposite to did not press the company that stipulates plain code marks a price to fine 1000 yuan.

To raise commodity house further the diaphaneity of sale price, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumer, 13 buildings that bureau of city price supervisory examination selectived examination to city of north of Hai Shu, Jiang Dong, river, Yin is making work and will make work again on special inspection foundation recently dish, include to check last 5 buildings in special inspection dish, check 6 to open a floor newly dish, examine 2 near futures beforehand be about to the building of open quotation dish. From the examination the circumstance looks, plain code of sale of house of commodity of peaceful wave city marks a price begin vitrification, code of Pan Ming of 5 buildings be checkinged marks a price more normative. The discovery in the examination marks a price non-standard phenomenon still exists.
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