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Shenzhen room look forward to depreciates to be betted madly " Jin Jiuyin 10 "

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    Hangzhou house propertyRelevant personnel shows from the data of information of Yi Tu of orgnaization of subordinate of bureau of Shenzhen city land, house of commodity of Shenzhen skill building clinched a deal in August the quantity is 3379, will one year trade the capacity appears to pick up compared to the same period first, rise 52% , annulus is closer than rising 30% .

The warm-up August, let be opposite already 9, the Shenzhen development trader that gave great expectations in October saw a dawn it seems that.

Gong Wugong 10 sell busy season for the tradition, may clinch a deal the quantity picks up somewhat really, but later did not change Shenzhen building city to drop trend. In the meantime, the reporter investigates discovery, development Trade Fair leaves depreciate the backside that save oneself still builds the base in sudden huge profits. National hair changes appoint Guo Shiping of specially invite researcher thinks, want bubble to still exist only, crossed Jin Jiuyin 10, house price still will drop.

10 thousand divisions are to be in Shenzhen to be rolled out in the round first " 1 " plan, put beforehand namely 10 thousand send 100 thousand, put 20 thousand send 200 thousand, lift in and other places of Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou then depreciate wet.

The each pace action of 10 thousand divisions appears the trend of adumbrative industry, numerous development business pursues the track as 10 thousand divisions. Zhu Zhiyou of famous and landed researcher tells Shenzhen the reporter, shenzhen the building of 90% above dish depreciated, wind of dragon hillock area faces international center 3 period already obtained this year in April open to booking licence, but till September a week ability open quotation, 3 period open quotation price from 2 period 11000 yuan / square metre, fall directly reach 7000 yuan / square metre.

Same, former the water of town of center of dragon hillock area on the open quotation at the beginning of September is blue bay building dish, hit " price allowing a room is returned 2005 " advertisement word, have price 4868 yuan / square metre, exceed low to attract eyeball extremely.

And before development business says solemnly to still do not fall as a result, the person that nevertheless majority buys a house does not buy the Zhang that develops business, after cheapening, still be serious wait-and-see. Also few number develops business to think the person that buy a house is being held in the arms " buy go up to be not bought drop " psychology, go eating crab again, the choice is gone against situation rise in price. Be like south harbor of a mountainous area outstanding · dimension will roll out the rest by September 132 flatlet, the price already was surely rise 1000 yuan / square metre, but the sale is good return it's hard to say at present with difference.

No matter choose to depreciate or rise in price, development business is in bet Jin Jiuyin madly 10. "Development business is in all the time wait for an opportunity, accumulate client natural resources first, wait for busy season to center a sale again, once sale rises, situation of occurrence scare buying, the person that be helpful for buying a house strengthens confidence. " often take a group to walk dish goosefoot gentleman tells a reporter.
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