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Qingdao building city whether " of " inflection point still needs observation

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In the meantime, qingdao building city analyses personage Zhang Bairen to think, this is Qingdao room cityThis is Qingdao room cityNervousNervousa kind of expression. This year, policy of national adjusting control from close, central Bank money is constrictive, this lets business of a lot of development encountered the pressure of capital; Next, the safeguard sex housing of Qingdao is farther grow in quantity, 2008Youthful island is divided will leave build55Outside housing of general goods of 10 thousand square metre, still will have5000Cover, about40The economy of 10 thousand square metre is applicable room and3000Cover, 15The cheap of 10 thousand square metre hires construction of room start working, this let a citizen to low room more expects; Additional, the estate market of and other places of Shanghai, Shenzhen, Beijing also appeared a few depreciating symptom, this makes Qingdao the development of this house price relative to faster city the nerve of business is more sensitive, because this begins,depreciate sales promotion.