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Qingdao building city whether " of " inflection point still needs observation

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9.9Lose privilegeLose privilege, ,, One-time paid and OK enjoy again9.9Lose privilegeLose privilegeWait for measure. According to estimation, the total prices of the house can be reduced again210 thousand yuan or so.

Auspicious cloud garden is located in with the area austral city only the lie between city north area of one street north of Wu Xing road paragraph, before open quotation, personnel of carry out building is accepting oath of the Ceng Xin when making an appointment to dawn dawn the earth's surface is shown, 10300-10400Yuan/ M2Have price, and can rise only won't fall. Result9After open quotation of lunar the first ten days of a month, the price since the sale falls very quickly to 10 thousand yuan the following.

Treasure dragon group (Qingdao) chief expresses related limited company of buy estate development, this is sales promotion activity merely, the house in meaning owner hand can devalue. Bao Long is taken out this only30Cover large family house, these large family house is not the main trend that the citizen buys a house, just spend act to stimulate the hurried of the market. Be apart of community of treasure dragon international is not far it is the building with 10 thousand subordinate divisions dish, hit appearance of provocative sales promotion advertisement to compare with Bao Long, 10 thousand divisions do not have follow-up, sell all valence still strong in6300Yuan/ M2Or so. Or so.. What we sell is character, won't depreciate sale, at present everybody also did not receive depreciating announcement. At present everybody also did not receive depreciating announcement.. A staff member represents 10 thousand families.

To Bao Long depreciate behavior, the personage inside course of study thinks generally, the residential supply of city of town in relief building is equivalent to the summation of supply of the 4 areas inside city, at present wait-and-see state of mind weighs the citizen, for far too beg, cause building city depression. Bao Long's huge commerce project needs the residence to support fund, through depreciating can as soon as possible steam again capital. If circumjacent 10 thousand divisions still insist not to fall, bao Long will become the biggest person that be benefited.
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