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Qingdao building city whether " of " inflection point still needs observation

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9Month30DaySell out before till.

A female owner tells a reporter, before 3 months, she with5300Yuan/ M2the price buys 3 buildings one122The house of square metre, did not think of the quote of personnel of carry out building has only now3680Yuan/ M2, the value of the house at a draught shrink is close2010 thousand yuan. 10 thousand yuan.. We buy a house to developing what nice gift buys foreground namely in this at that time, and Baolong is affirmatory 2 period what open quotation price compares first phase for certain is tall. We not calculate on house appreciates, but so short time falls house price so much, everybody is accepted. Everybody is accepted.. This female owner says.

This female owner says.. Depreciate this mean in same in the building, some people can buy the house with you with the money of 2/3. There is a kind of feeling that is fooled in my heart. There is a kind of feeling that is fooled in my heart.. An owner expresses excitedly.

   South glue in the sea·Bright bank rolled out the sales promotion measure that gives an area. According to staff member introduction, although sell all valence4500-4600Yuan/ M2Between, with around other buildings dish the price differs and not quite, but they give an area. Take87For the house of square metre, total prices is in3410 thousand- 38Ten thousand, given area can be achieved5Square metre. They still are rolled outThey still are rolled outOn schedule consign can be enjoyed
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