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Qingdao building city whether " of " inflection point still needs observation

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  Qingdao city in relief first floor dish from first phase4980Yuan/㎡ falls3680Yuan/㎡, depreciate extent26%Much; The one project austral glue rolls out one flatlet to give5Of square metre covert depreciate sales promotion measure. Whether do this mean Qingdao building city to appearWhether do this mean Qingdao building city to appearInflection pointInflection point? Be still the stunt that partial businessman acclaims only? The reporter launched investigation at this point.  

The reporter launched investigation at this point.. Community of treasure dragon international 2 period upgrade appear on the market, 9Month30DayRoll out before30Cover special offer house, 3680Yuan/ M2Have price. Have price.. Recently, treasure dragon groupTreasure dragon groupQingdaoQingdaoA sales promotion advertisement that limited company of buy estate development releases get the widespread attention of Qingdao citizen.

12Day afternoon, reporter in order to buy a house person the capacity comes to selling office of Bao Longan field. The staff member says, treasure dragon square is taken out30Cover140The semifinished product room of square metre above, 3680Yuan/ M2Have price, all valence is in4300Yuan/ M2-4400Yuan/ M2. And these large family before this remove valence to be in at least5000Yuan/ M2, sales promotion activity arrives
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