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Housing ensures limits hopeful to relax further

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The settlement that Nanjing city announces the basis before this the executive opinion of difficulty of housing of family of urban low income, and " 2008-2010 year housing of family of urban low income ensures program compendium " , nanjing city will raise money every year inside 3 years cheap hires housing to ensure capital 360 million yuan, 3 years in all 1.08 billion yuan hire construction of room, classics comfortable room to reach with Yu Lian extend safeguard sex buys the room allowance, allowance that rent.

Plan to show, the Nanjing inside 3 years will raise money cheap rents a house 3000, 150 thousand square metre; Build economy applicable housing 6 million square metre (contain cheap to hire housing 150 thousand square metre, 3000) , 73 thousand; Cheap hires the allowance that rent to extend in all about 400 million yuan, nearly 60 thousand; Safeguard sex buys room allowance to extend in all 60 million yuan, 3000; Build economy applicable housing and cheap hire housing land to supply 600 hectare. According to the program inside 3 years, what Nanjing accords with family of difficulty of low income housing to ensure is total door number will achieve 76 thousand.

"These 3 already certain levels (750 yuan of 5 years of registered permanent residence, 15 square metre, ) , want to undertake adjustment likely. " relevant personage tells a reporter, in the area that build Ye pilot before spreading out, the safeguard family that relevant section estimation adds newly will have thousands of, but delimit actually have 662 only into what guarantee range, this one quantity should be compared what estimate formerly is a lot of less. This personage expresses, main problem is to suffer " average per capita 750 yuan / month " limitation. Accordingly, the income that carries out after October 1 is maintained in, 750 yuan standard hopeful is raised, nanjing city more low income families, will obtain Nanjing city housing safeguard is new politics shelter.