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Hangzhou building city borrows situation 10 thousand divisions are hit fold wind

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Hangzhou building city borrowed yesterday situation 10 thousand divisions, depending on its special offer dish the autograph is made an appointment with, advocate of the city zone clinch a deal the number involves 100 sets greatly to tall, breakthrough all the way -- clinch a deal by before today 84 are added reach 109, and the city of the glamour of 10 thousand divisions and egret county also part to mix 25 with 63 clinch a deal measure a row day to clinch a deal before two of 3 strong a list of names posted up. Successive a few days, the sale main force of Hangzhou building city is main be with building of special offer of 10 thousand families dish give priority to, because the personage inside this not little job guesses in succession, this gold the 9 gold that perhaps can become 10 thousand branches 9. Clinch a deal all valence also than before have drop apparently, by before today 15871 yuan / square metre drops to 14505 yuan / square metre. Advocate of the city zone book also by before today 11 pick up reach 16, these booking basic be with bank these near futures choose the seat of government of Yue of every phenomenon city of the famous city Yan Yuan of area of villa of the Hai Wei international of river developing zone, arch and Jiang Gan area newly of room sourceHangzhou building dishOf implementation.

And of Yu Hang area measure and clinch a deal all valence also by increase 67 43 sets before today, the sale of shop of 88 this one business with 14 squeezes road of constant of more than Hangzhou gold into day to clinch a deal 3 strong a list of names posted up, clinch a deal all valence by before today 5821 yuan / square metre rises 7634 yuan / square metre; Of more than Hangzhou area book an amount also by before today 1 increases 2.

Once the city of long triangle building that city of building of triangle of bead of look down at drops, the near future also begins to be immersed in a quantity to shrink the predicament that price falls. The building city of the city such as Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Ning Bo, all differ one's style of work as well as one's moral quality of level land occurrence price is whole. 8 buildings below division of 10 thousand divisions dish was a few days ago after Shanghai sales promotion, prep close behind of footstep of 10 thousand divisions is the Nanjing world Maobin below world Mao Qi Jiang Xincheng also is exploded to give 6000 yuan to fall continuously / extent of square metre, discount amounts to the 7.5 sales promotion activities that fold. In these famous development business drive below, of city of long triangle building dozen fold wind sudden sweep.  

  Hangzhou house propertyAnalytic personage points out, sell busy season as building city tradition " Jin Jiuyin 10 " advent, cover before this dish development business people may collective is pushed dish, in current and wait-and-see mood strong case falls, the unavoidable of a fierce fight of city of long triangle building.
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