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Subway station begins construction fountain of music of Wu Lin square will stop

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Station of square of undersecretary of department of project of Hangzhou subway group, responsible Wu Lin builds the Li Jihong of construction to tell a reporter, of musical fountain because subway station construction needs,demolishing basically is. Next month, station of subway of fierce forest square will undertake palisade structure construction, will be in square east dig below track, pass tunnel of aegis compose law next, musical fountain place will dig well of work of an aegis compose.

Li Jihong says, before beginning construction formally, basically be circumjacent establishment tear open change and resettlement, the afforest on square also will proper migratory. The construction range that fierce forest square stands is bigger, give mansion of travel, business to manage to the traffic all round square, exhibition cloth is exhibited can bring certain influence, hope common people can forgive.

Prospective fierce divides a layer below Lin An field

Fierce forest square is located in on the landscape axis of Hangzhou downtown, it is central square of the city. Square periphery already had the building such as square of culture of theater of exhibition of Hangzhou edifice, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, west lake, atmosphere of plot culture, commerce is grumous, very little earth very little gold.

After station of iron of fierce forest land builds, the subway crosses underground of Cong Wulin square. Underground of fierce forest square is cent three-layer, subway station issues square of layer and 2 grounds to connect through square ground, contact together cheek by jowl with ground public traffic then. Ground of the square in the program lies fallow for the citizen square, square underground space one, will use as 2 layers commercial development, subterranean three-layer will be built stop a garage for underground, the project plans to always accumulate about 35 thousand square metre with the ground.

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