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Subway station begins construction fountain of music of Wu Lin square will stop

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"Because the subway builds need, fountain of music of Wu Lin square will stop at the end of this month, begin to undertake square establishment rise high into the air removes at the same time. "   these days, a vertical stroke is in fierce forest square east the look that the annunciate of track informs to the card attracted a lot of Hangzhou citizens. Once should be the musical fountain with infinite scene torn open? Can fierce forest square turn the old ground mark of Hangzhou into what about? When is subway station built? Be in what do not abandon, everybody more be pair of future expect.

The reporter learned from Hangzhou subway group yesterday, station of square of subway Wu Lin will begin construction in next month, because want to dig well of work of an aegis compose in musical fountain place, musical fountain will be demolished temporarily, henceforth is extensive recovers from an illness appearance still is redesigned, had not decided at present.

Musical fountain of 24 years old fastens of short duration the citizen

Speak of fierce forest square, a lot of old Hangzhou still like to call it up to now " red sun square " . The night fair with the earliest Hangzhou also is here budding.

Yesterday towards evening, on fierce forest square same as usual, still lively. A lot of people are taking fan to be surrounded in musical fountain all round, enjoy the cool prattle, everybody notices a shop sign that piece in comment.

"Hear musical fountain wanted to tear open, have a place really not be willing to part with or use ah. " the Zhang Haijun that lives around says, "I remember clearly, on September 26, 1984, of musical fountain completion that day in the evening, the picture of here huge crowd of people. I am 8 that year years old, father is taking me to see fountain, hear the beautiful music that fountain gives out, I am really foolish at that time eye. I am really foolish at that time eye..

Speak of the story of fountain, very familiar with sth of Hangzhou person Cai Yimin: "This is Hangzhou fountain of the first music, submit wintersweet form, stamen is 3 dancing girl statue, 5 leaf also are girl statue, playing 5 kinds of musical instrument respectively. 8 statue divide group of settings, indicative it is to be in found a state 35 years of completion, commemorate Hangzhou was liberated on May 3, 1949 at the same time.

Cai Yimin says, although there are many musical fountains in Hangzhou city now, but a lot of old Hangzhou still like to come to here in the evening, do not listen get music is indifferent to, still basically be a kind of complex. Wanted to tear open now, still have a place really regrettablly.

Well of subway aegis compose should be dug below musical fountain

Current, the subway a line goes well, undertaking the site is built. The site of fierce forest square that regards Hangzhou as downtown also will begin construction in next month.
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