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Hangzhou tries on September 20 morning cry air defence alarm

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On September 20 10: 00 to 10: 33, hangzhou pulls alarm of noisy air defence. This is city people's air defense does the air raid alarm inside whole town limits of the organization to try cry.

Alarm rings 3 times, it is respectively:

10: 00 -- 10: 03: Try cry beforehand alarm, cry 36 seconds, stop 24 seconds, relapse 3 minutes;

10: 15 -- 10: 18: Try cry air raid alarm, cry 6 seconds, stop 6 seconds, relapse 3 minutes;

10: 30 -- 10: 33: Try cry remove alarm, cry 3 minutes continuously.

Broadcasting station of broadcast of people of integrated channel of Hangzhou TV station, Hangzhou (medium wave 954) release information of air defence alarm at the same time.

Hangzhou UniCom branch, Hangzhou shift branch is right synchronism of user of mobile phone of Hangzhou area part releases information of air defence alarm.