First floor of money river new city dish roll out today 7.2 break a house - Net rent Hangzhou
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First floor of money river new city dish roll out today 7.2 break a house

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According toHangzhou house propertyThe net shows, SOHO of money river international gets contain this building dish be located in on 4 bridges edge, this year January open quotation, roll out 435 flatlet source, return remnant at present 356 can make work. The open quotation price at that time is 11000 yuan / square metre, the basis after a few months is circumjacent building dish price, carry reach 17000 yuan / square metre.
Although act as agent,the sale just is denied is the person follow suit that 10 thousand divisions depreciate, but will look from time, cannot have depreciated with 10 thousand divisions apparently incident casts aside clear impact. To this building dish roll out indulgence room, the personage inside a lot of course of study expresses, as a result of this building dish property type is hotel type apartment, increase the amount that push only 50, and development business also is not big card company, can not be in soHangzhou building dishLift fresh gale billow. But undeniable is, 7.2 break a house roll out, undoubted will once more the confidence that shake house price does not fall, to originally low confused building city adds wait-and-see atmosphere again.
Depreciate in 10 thousand divisions during incident lingering sound waves in the wind, Hangzhou building dishAccident however ground becomes more lively rise. Look much person with look empty person, old owner and new client, ab extra the strife openly and secretly between old man of big alligator and this locality and sale gain play chess, grow in intensity already. And the city after wanting to seeing this clear right now, be more and more difficult it seems that.