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First floor of money river new city dish roll out today 7.2 break a house

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4 buildings that 10 thousand divisions are in Hangzhou dish depreciate after incident dynamic lasted 7 days, eventually development business came out to respond to -- gold is originated in into the room roll out the day before yesterday " 5 years of course of study that celebrate buy plan educational real estate " , make the sale commitment that realizes 30% rise in value below 3 years, the person that buy a house is inside the first month after 3 years, can return a house without reason and obtain 30% rise in value.
Nevertheless, gold is become denying this action is with PK of 10 thousand divisions. Hangzhou house propertySale center chief says, gold is become value spare time Lin Ban piece, and their building dish the price is reasonable, also be obligate of the person that buy a house appreciate space, this action is the self-confidence that is based on projects of pair of city of Changjiang Delta spring.
This response just just put word 48 hours, the response that again a this locality developed business to make polarity -- the 7.2 floors that break sale Qianjiang new city dish.
ThisHangzhou building dishThe type of a hotel that is money river new city is lone apartment project, the name calls SOHO of money river international to get contain. This building dish engineer sale of limited company representative by sale of house property of Hangzhou day plan at present, explode of makings is its controller Yu Lipeng.
Yu Lipeng tells a reporter, SOHO gets contain to prepare to roll out source of room of 50 special offer, it is 30 -- the clothbound of 80 square metre repairs small family model, a price after folding 12000 -- 13000 yuan / square metre, this building than periphery dish the price wants low 4000 -- 5000 yuan / square metre left and right sides, the price after privilege is equivalent to cost price 7.2 fold. The activity begins today, end to October 6, it is to be aimed at the indulgence activity that rolls out with National Day mid-autumn. Sheet looks from favourable discount and name head, follow 10 thousand divisions however " 10 thousand guests meet 10 years of young people buy course of study plans " part photograph resembles.
   Whether to follow drop 10 thousand divisions?
Yu Lipeng expresses clearly, either. He says, this activity is in early the middle ten days of a month had planned in August, just was grabbed by 10 thousand divisions first.
Why should roll out such activity? Whether to see the city of empty Hangzhou building, city after be opposite be not valued? Yu Lipeng says, company this action is not to turn on the water, because the amount is not large also, room of so-called bargain price, it is the room cause with certain not quite good side of course, and these houses sell present price, sell some pressure. Roll out special offer room, basically be to think those who see the market to bear force, to the suiting of the market ability is made a few explore, in order to promote a sale.
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