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Explore the underground that the subway crosses river channel works

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Hangzhou subway what appearance is the subterranean channel of a line after all? Yesterday, reporter getting arrives below the ground that subway bank river stands, ahead of schedule experience this paragraph many meters 150 already the Hangzhou subway with good laid crosses river channel first times.

  With Shanghai subway channel size

There are a few lamps in the channel that concrete surrounds, but a bit dim. Just walked into channel, reporter with respect to streaming with sweat, the worker is disregarded fuggy, immerse oneself in the job. There are a lot of alveoluses on channel metope, konglike sees the screw with big fist, have fixed effect.

"Temperature has 35 ℃ at least, be unable to stand of activity in series, many 100 worker can fall 3 classes only. " Zheng Yuehong of project project assistant manager says.

Between conversation, " trainset " come over. Zheng Yuehong explains, "Trainset " it is to use the mud of a gouge of aegis compose machine to carry, 2 it is a concrete annulus piece send. 6 annulus piece, as it happens is mosaic the wall of channel. Where does aegis compose machine get, where does wall of jian hou mian go to with respect to the shop. "Trainset " should be a day in channel in and out a few.

"This is shaping channel. " he says, want to be the screw on wall only later, do anticorrosive processing, the shop got on the right track to be able to be used, "Its external diameter 6.6 meters, internal diameter 5.5 meters, as the tube size of Shanghai subway. As the tube size of Shanghai subway..

   Aegis compose machine advances 7 meters everyday

"Qian Jiang one " principle of construction of aegis compose chance, very resemble dynamoelectric razor. Motivation relies on 16 groups of in-house jack completely, say according to manage, many tons 3600 total thrust, push the aegis compose chance that turns many tons 300 to should not take pain to.

But the problem is, hangzhou underground is powdery sandy soil, near river end more, soft hard more difficult ascertain.

"The project is far those who compare an imagination is complex, " Zheng Yuehong says, washy, sand can flow; Water is little, sand hardens, we are pushed again do not move, so, master it is very difficult to spend, every advance 1.2 meters, need half hours, can advance 7 meters only everyday.

He says, nearly two days of construction discover, the be mingled with in clay is many firedamp, they made up in aegis compose machine 8 flaw-detecting apparatus, still receive on ventiduct, do work of good explosion proof.

And " Qian Jiang " same, the aegis compose machine next door " Qian Jiang 2 " also already start working. Estimate the end of next year, "Brother two " can arrive at the Fu Chunlu with thither river to stand.