10 thousand divisions are hit fold secondhand room market causes shake continual - Net rent Hangzhou
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10 thousand divisions are hit fold secondhand room market causes shake continual

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Clinch a deal last week the amount is maximum is on September 2, clinch a deal 39, and lowermost is on September 6, clinch a deal 12. Can see from the graph, as a result of 10 thousand divisions depreciate sales promotion, before last week 3 days clinch a deal 107, day clinchs a deal 35.7; After that 4 days of assembly pay an amount very little, have 74 only, day clinchs a deal is low more reach 18.5.

Hang out one's shingle quantity increase sharply 19%

   Hangzhou house propertyStatistical data shows, a week after 10 thousand divisions depreciate is secondhand the room hangs out his shingle quantity and before a week photograph is compared increased two into. It is central area above all, a week before annulus compares room source supply increased 19.04% , among them arch villa, go up city amplitude is apparent, photograph score does not rise 58.33% with 22.97% , addition Fang Yuanzhong with in small family give priority to; And of outer suburbs area bank a week before annulus of river, Yu Hang is compared rises respectively 5.56% with 36.67% .

Love my home to collect Xiaoliu of agent of inn of carry on one's shoulder to introduce according to me, originally wait-and-see landlord, some do not wait now, hang out his shingle in succession sell, for example the other day Hong Nv person loved my home to hang to collect carry on one's shoulder in me two rooms the house of one hall, exhort in inn designedly now agent is recommended more, the hope buys the house as soon as possible.

Some are waiting for the landlord that spend money, also take the advantage of this moment to depreciate the house that sells oneself. The Xiaoshen of 3 ponds inn comes up against Mr Li, on the business because of oneself some are inferior to meaning, urgent oneself the garden of 3 ponds peach of a two rooms gives sold, see 10 thousand divisions are in depreciate, be afraid of oneself that flatlet source is hanged tall won't somebody will buy, fell the house of garden of 3 ponds peach from 1.15 million former yuan so 1 million yuan.