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10 thousand divisions are hit fold secondhand room market causes shake continual

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10 thousand divisions are hit fold secondhand room market causes shake continual. The Yinmoke buying the home that has prepared an autograph to make an appointment with the following day incident temporarily break an agreement. And of building city hang out one's shingle the quantity jumps more suddenly 19% , sell the home to be cast in succession dish.

Be engaged in according to thisHangzhou house propertyWorking personnel introduces, bank of the river secondhand the room has a lot of is to invest a guest before a few years to buy investment, of 10 thousand divisions hit this folded objectives of pair of a few investment to cause psychological shadow. "Wear urgently especially the landlord that spend money, their reaction will be stronger, when our agent is making pay a return visit, they also can be made actively to the price some adjust. We have a landlord that faces river garden, hang 1.4 million yuan price originally, 10 thousand divisions are hit after folding, this landlord hanged his list price case to reduce 20 thousand, and the client that still represents sincere desire can discuss again. " nevertheless, according to flourishing age chamberlain is mirrorred, at present this batch suffers 10 thousand divisions to hit what fold and depreciate is secondhand the room falls in 3% - 5% between, range is not quite big also.

Preparation signs the agreement break an agreement that buy the home

On September 3, the hardship that passes several months sees a room, mr Wu follows the client the building that the wife valued a total prices to be 1 million yuan in flourishing age chamberlain eventually, the house is in garden of 3 ponds short of Wenshui River, no matter be a sector of an area,still be door model structure, two people like very much. Mr Wu tells broker: After will coming off work tomorrow, I come to the sheet below your inn!

But did not think of, the following day the building that Mr Wu is informed 10 thousand divisions dish hit after breaking a news, discussed with the wife, gave up next only thought. "Real estate big alligator begins to hit folded, may have other building later dish also hit fold, buy a house to also do not know to be able to have a deficit now, look to say again. Look to say again..

And abundant promotes Jing Fang 2 inn made client pay a return visit work after 10 thousand divisions depreciate, according toHangzhou house propertyNet statistic discovers the buyer client of 78% feels skill room fell, secondhand the room also can drop certainly, before paragraph time has the intention that buy a house, decide to wait a moment now.

Live business is praedial according to Hangzhou net of room of transparent carry out shows data statistic, last week (9.1~9.7) (see a picture 1) Hangzhou 5 old the city zone are secondhand the room clinchs a deal 181, a week clinchs a deal before measure 214, annulus comparing drops 15.42% , day all clinchs a deal 25.9, before one weekday all clinchs a deal 30.6.
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