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Hangzhou mostly room look forward to chooses " with changeless should 10 thousa

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 In Hangzhou 10 thousand divisions depreciate to realize the stimulation that sells steam again fund to fall quickly, in partial Hangzhou small development business also follow-up is hit fold, folding length is the biggest achieve 7 fold.

With the person that buy a house " not throw the troops into battle " photograph comparing, major development business also adopted Hangzhou to stand fast standing policy, depreciate to 10 thousand divisions not only undertake the mouth puts to death, also do not reduce the building below him banner dish the price.

The setting that already became hasten of general trends place is reduced to fall in whole real-estate industry, Hangzhou house propertyThe associated resistance that develops business looks very additional kind. Look in Pan Shige, such alliance before long hind will evolve for " inside bottle " .

10 thousand divisions are in Hangzhou depreciate churned the one pool autumn water of west lake lakefront.

On September 13, 2008 ~ on September 21, of Hangzhou city north " · of north and south on the west bank " roll out " settle down happily safeguard plans " , sale unit price is 8800 ~ only 11450 yuan / square metre, than circumjacent building dish making work room source is low 1500 ~ 2000 yuan / square metre. And this building dish the open quotation of first phase all valence amounts to 13700 yuan / square metre, the 7 ~ that are price of first phase open quotation only in the price of source of carry out room at present 8 into.

   Hangzhou house propertyTrade public figure says, rebate of this one price is 10 thousand divisions since depreciating, Hangzhou building dishExtent depreciates in highest.

On September 11, the SOHO of money river new city gets contain to allege with 7.2 fold depreciate sales promotion. Lose value of of people of talent 12000 ~ 13000 yuan / square metre, the building that compares periphery dish the price is low 4000 ~ 5000 yuan / square metre left and right sides.

On September 3 the 4 buildings such as the city of glamour of Hangzhou of 10 thousand divisions dish 7.3 ~ 8.5 fold after depreciating considerably, hangzhou this locality develops what business begins those who support 10 thousand families to depreciate to lift. Nevertheless, these development business are the few part of Hangzhou building city only, most development business still chooses not to depreciate, should instigate to 10 thousand divisions " cheapen wet " .