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Hangzhou develops business equity to be made over again and again

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FromHangzhou house propertyThe net knows next month the middle ten days of a month, be located in Xiao Shan downtown some is high-grade building dish be about open quotation. And yesterday, the bring to sb's attention of announcement of a sale of bourse of Zhejiang property right: Estate of embellish of Zhejiang bright and beautiful develops limited company15%Equity is made over, price is sent since328010 thousand yuan, company of this house property is this building dish develop business.

Current, company of a batch of estate, project is hanging out his shingle centrally make over, the foot of give change appears very consistent.

Enterprise face about, house property project is becomeHouse property project is becomeAbandon childAbandon child

Experience equity change for many times, limited company of development of estate of embellish of Zhejiang bright and beautiful shows by 5 units collective and contributive establish, it is respectively old technology group is narrow in Zhejiang old technique inport corperation is finite in company of finite liability of big estate company, Zhejiang in liability company, lake continent old technique exports company of company finite liability and natural person Wang Gongwei in liability company, Zhejiang, hold a scale to be respectively
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