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Make 20 new cities lead commerce new trend

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A few days ago, hangzhou raised new target for urban internationalization strategy, make 20 new cities namely, 100 cities synthesis.
From traditional business ring concept arrives concept of synthesis of new city, city, this is a qualitative leap.
Alleged " new city " , common feature says, it is a city advocate the city, deputy city, urban function area in forming a delegation. 20 of Hangzhou " new city " will be guidance with urban overall planning, around " one advocate third mate 6 form a delegation " metropolitan target enters pattern and network of city land with certain boundaries to be planned all right.
Among them, in urban edge Qian Tangjiang will plan Hunan lake new city, Jiang Xincheng, bank next new city of city of century of Dong Xincheng of Jiang Xincheng, Qian Jiangxin city, city, Qian Jiang, airport, sand.
Additional " 10 big new cities " will mix in Yu Hang area 5 counties (city) plan and construction of edge river along the road, include Yu Hang Feng Chuan of cottage of new city of new city of the Linpin new city, lake austral Yuhang, Yu Hangtang dwell, tung, Changjiang Delta new city, Chun Anping Shan Xincheng, .
The fixed position of these new cities has each different. Like Qian Jiangxin city function fixed position is whole town to expand contemporary service line of business and provincial capital economy advocate platform, key development finance, meeting is exhibited, trade, culture, travel, intermediary seeks advice wait for service line of business; And issue Sha Xincheng to be located in surely " international is base of advanced manufacturing industry, new deputy city of zoology of type of city of century university science and technology, garden Hangzhou " , will make market industry by development of original and single industrial function area, live, a variety of functions such as science and technology, education, research and development at an organic whole, what functional form a complete set perfects is integrated new city, finish from build a division to what build a wall historic span.
And 100 synthesis criterion will with muti_function business affairs city, trade city, travel city, finance city, abstruse system city, read extensively the formal plan and construction such as the city, regard these as new city start engine.
Urban synthesis, its English calls HOPSCA, by Hotel(hotel) , Office(office building) , Park(park) , Shoppingmall(shopping centers) , Convention(conference center, meeting exhibits a center) , Apartment(apartment) composition of first letter abbreviate. Generally speaking, urban synthesis has exceed large space, system of coherent stagger traffic will build the traffic on group of underground or ground and communal space tie, still have establishment of contemporary high-tech traffic, communication, security personnel.
The 100 cities synthesis that Hangzhou will make in all 140 thousand mus, can develop use an area 62 million square metre, among them, 10% for property of subway upper cover. Let a space get not only so the biggest use, the life hereat people is very convenient also. For instance subway bank health station is about make it such synthesis, 172 mus area, build part the subway, long-distance passenger transportation, public transportation etc transfer system and commerce, office, live the integrated and large trade that is an organic whole lives model traffic hub center.
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