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Hangzhou is secondhand the market is wait-and-see atmosphere clinchs a deal more

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11854Yuan/Square metre, the week before annulus is compared (12664Yuan/Square metre) dropped6.4%.

Those who deserve attention is, client of a lot of intent heads for intermediary company to seek advice from the price of room learning an area last week, as special house property, room learning an area in recent years all the time very get attention, even if is in the market off-season, also can keep certain clinch a deal quantity.

   Hangzhou house propertyThe relevant personage analysis of market research center thinks, secondhand last week the wait-and-see atmosphere of building city, the activity of sales promotion of the Mid-autumn Festival that origin still rolls out in Hangzhou in Yumoke. The shadow     that adds small mid-autumn long holiday is noisy, number seeing a room decreases apparently, bring about clinch a deal the quantity produces now to slip.