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Hangzhou is secondhand the market is wait-and-see atmosphere clinchs a deal more

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  From clinch a deal in the sheet of village a list of names posted up of before the quantity is ranked 10 available also evidence. Last week, the village that collect carry on one's shoulder with5Those who cover clinch a deal the quantity is become clinch a deal champion, compare one of villages of famous room learning an area as Hangzhou, those who collect carry on one's shoulder to be taken is secondhand the room is having all the time clinch a deal well quantity. And its circumjacent and complete form a complete set and convenient traffic, also be the reason that draws attention of the person that buy a house.

Hangzhou a few big advocate of the city zone clinch a deal all valence is respectively: Go up the city zone11970Yuan/Next square metre, the city zone11054Yuan/Area of square metre, west lake12008Yuan/Area of villa of square metre, arch10877Yuan/Square metre, river works an area12478Yuan/Square metre. Among them, west lake, river works two areas clinch a deal all the week before valence annulus is compared rose respectively6.93%And9.94%, other of a few areas clinch a deal all valence has different rate drop.

Of Hangzhou secondhand room market clinchs a deal to glide continuously in wait-and-see atmosphere, zhou Cheng hands in a quantity to fall to the nadir that comes this year. According toHangzhou house propertyNet statistic data shows, last week (9Month9Day- 9Month15Day) , hangzhou urban district clinchs a deal in all secondhand room127Cover, the week before annulus is compared (176Set) decreased49Cover; Clinch a deal all valence is
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