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One building site tears open Yu Hang the room gives accident room dash forward c

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On September 16 9 when 40 minutes or so, more than Hangzhou area 5 constant street Wen Erxi the road is outspread paragraph with the high speed that circle a city one a house owned by a citizen is tearing open exit of plan home bay the collapse produces in room process, 6 people are injured. Via main rescue, among them two people already died.

After accident happening, members of standing committee of Hangzhou municipal Party committee, more than Hangzhou area appoint clerical Zhu Jinkun, area appoint Jiang Jun of vice secretary, warden asks, not hesitate all cost, main rescue the wounded, establish the working party that attends by relevant section.

5 constant street and main controller arrives provincial with heart hospital and Yu Hang the 2nd hospital, requirement hospital opens green channel, main bring a patient out of danger.

Current, 5 constant street already asked all building site tearing open a room inside area under administration suspend tearing open a room, interior is rectified and reform, check oneself from correct, ensure safe.

6 get hurt in personnel, 2 people are not treated via main rescue die; 3 people are in active cure, of short duration is insensate dangerous; Affection of 1 person injury is lighter, already left hospital. It is reported, 5 people are staff of the group that tear open a room, 1 person is family member of staff of the group that tear open a room.

Accident reason is in further investigation.