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Land of Qian Jiangxin city considerably appreciation residence is compared with

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Because be governmental dominant development, qian Jiangxin city is above all on infrastructure construction, had large investment. For instance get through liberates road channel, strengthen the connection of west lake and Qian Jiangxin city, move administrative center to Qian Jiangxin city from old the city zone, the go ahead of the rest of a batch of big projects such as courtyard of chess of center of center of Hangzhou great theater, citizen, Hangzhou international conference, Hangzhou is built wait for act, the earthy price that promoted Qian Jiangxin the city greatly is worth.
According toHangzhou house propertyMarket department statistic, from 2003, land of Qian Jiangxin city made public an administrative unit in Xizang of sell one's own things to count an analysis 2007, average and annual quantity of open sell one's own things is 1 reach 2. It is thus clear that this area can develop the resource that use the land rare be short of, do not have all the time substantially circumstance of sell one's own things happens. At the same time come true content with rare for expensive truth, 2003, money river new city is mean floor price only 3875 yuan / square metre, in house property business people value consistently, area building dish below the joint action that develops maturity and form a complete set to anticipate progressively implementation, 2007 first half of the year, value of face of money river new a tower over a city gate already was climbed litre reach 11759 yuan / the height of square metre. 4 years short grow 203% .
The residence is compared with the ground rare be short of
According toHangzhou house propertyMarket department understands, qian Jiangxin has 550 thousand square metre to tear open change to find a place for to build inside city core area room, build commodity house only 250 thousand square metre, namely government office of Yue of every phenomenon city 100 thousand square metre, bank the star of Jiangchen city 150 thousand square metre, house of core area commodity is very rare be short of.
To solve inadequacy of house of region of new city core, alleviate traffic pressure, in canal of Ou Dongyi of new city core two side planned area piece the residence of 1.7 million square metre, include 5 buildings such as pond of money of Oriental embellish garden, Xiao Lu, flourishing age dish, the city on Xi Yi hopes river area slip gauge delimits the house that built about 1.5 million square metre, namely the building such as garden of aureate coast, verdancy dish, add up to house of commodity of 3.2 million square metre, estimation can live for 27 thousand, but be opposite at population of 20 much office relatively living demand, house of region of new the city zone still appears insufficient.
In view of 3 years office building of many business affairs will begin investment to use henceforth, the demand that lives to satisfy staff of office of district of new city core to be opposite, alleviate problem of residential in short supply, new city will be increased on the strength tearing open change of plot of factory of couplet of flesh of piece of the city zone and timber mill plot, already signed the agreement that tear open change with two enterprises at present, the plan is by 2009 finish the job that tear open change basically, can use about 300 mus for residence of sell one's own things, development measures about 550 thousand square metre, can push in succession since 2010 to the market.
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