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"8 stars " with " all directions "

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Different life divinatory symbols, its the position that 8 stars distributing is different, distributing the 8 stars of divinatory symbols of 8 kinds of lives to list to the point as follows now:

1, life leaving a lot is in Oriental, weather medical service is in southeastern, delay year in north, volt in south. Damage northeastward, 6 evil spirit in southwest square, 5 ghost are in the west, absolutely the life is in northwest square.

2, bank life life is in southeastern, weather medical service is in Oriental, delay year in south, volt in north. Damage is in the west, 6 evil spirit in northwest square, 5 ghost northeastward, absolutely the life is in southwest square.

3, shake life life is in southern, weather medical service is in northward, delay year in southeastern, volt in east. Damage is in southwest square, 6 evil spirit northeastward, 5 ghost are in northwest square, absolutely the life is in the west.

4, Xun life life is in northward, weather medical service is in southern, delay year in east, volt be in southeastern. Damage is in northwest square, 6 evil spirit in the west, 5 ghost are in southwest square, absolutely life northeastward.

5, male life life is in the west, weather medical service northeastward, delay year in southwest square, volt in northwest square. Damage is in southeastern, 6 evil spirit in north, 5 ghost are in Oriental, absolutely the life is in southern.

6, northeastward of female life life, weather medical service is in the west, delay year in northwest square, volt in southwest square. Damage is in Oriental, 6 evil spirit in south, 5 ghost are in southeastern, absolutely the life is in northward.

7, exchange order life is in northwest square, weather medical service is in southwest square, delay year of northeastward, volt in the west. Damage is in northward, 6 evil spirit be in southeastern, 5 ghost are in southern, absolutely the life is in Oriental.

8, straightforward life life is in southwest square, weather medical service is in northwest square, delay year in the west, volt northeastward. Damage is in southern, 6 evil spirit in east, 5 ghost are in northward, absolutely the life is in southeastern.

In 8 send curtilageGeomanticIn learning, these 8 Xing Yao are very important, besides as geomantic as the gate outside concerning, the good or ill luck of the azimuth of the emplacement of cooking range, toilet, bedroom is waited a moment, sunlight with star of these 8 good or ill luck closely related.

For instance, cooking range must sit fierce Xiang Jicai is auspicious, namely cooking range is pressing fierce bit and touchhole forward Ji Xing, if other circumstance sits Ji Xiangji, sit fierce to fierce, take Ji Xiangxiong is the principle that violates n water.