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The office is geomantic coup turns a mean person

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Work gens, for the life, helpless crowded body is encircled at dispute in, want to admire the breath of boss and boss, want to face cold words of talk of the strife openly and secretly between the colleague, idle again however, divide left the back of the human body of minute of earnest of person ining order to, hm know to produce Mie wild job! Believe to dare assure oneself without the person hm meeting person ining order to discusses complaint, calculate you how to be accomplished smooth and slick good!

Also hard to avoid is met by person earnest the back of the human body, these dispute can make do not have bright fire to rise to you occasionally, discontent and indignation is made the same score hard, bad luck is extended hard; Although the word is clear person from Qing Dynasty, but good-tempered measurement of the person always is finite, hm know you have 冇 the same feeling? When your department body at this dismal plight, how can be you faced and to how can be you faced and handle pressure of this kind of human affairs?

It is in order to mix expensive, make concessions to avoid trouble, hear a rumor to all slander, when Mie thing does 冇 happening pass?

Return my innocence, want to clarify its fact, like that later make trouble of angrily rebuke start a rumour person?

Endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task, for left " rice bowl " be forced dumb bear, resign oneself to adversity, is winding begged put?

Be able to achieve success one way or another, color laugh welcomes a person, execute do careless both sides of the top of a wall to shake?

Exhaust all factitious methods go dissolving Lilliputian dispute?

If your agitate uses up the brains 冇 law goes dissolving Lilliputian dispute, and you want to use additional kind of word that the method goes to coping with them, you but the method on try out a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties comes precaution and dissolve these needless troubles, thereby Your Exllency works with respect to satisfying Anlide!

Dispute azimuth reached an any of the twelve animals 2001 compose of have a bowel movement: Fly by fleeting time the star is computative, 2001 dispute be in southern, this azimuth avoid has water route of car of flow, break ground, high speed, blue with black, often shake reach shift; Be like differentiate machine of gate of fair, messuage, bedroom, seat, air conditioning, phone in south when, which are about to take care the place makes dispute group; Often come in and go out in the place, the person that stay or works. Become the target that negotiates dispute very likely.

If the any of the twelve animals belongs to the one disaster after another that the person of chicken, snake, tiger, monkey, pig makes, between made any of the twelve animals with wooden pig? (Yi Hai year) , igneous pig (Ding Hai year) ; Wooden snake (second Si) ; Igneous tiger (third the third of the twelve Earthly Branches year) ; Igneous monkey (third explain) ; Turkey (Ding You) , wooden chicken (Yi You) wait more adverse, unless there is auspicious apotheosis to solve in life palace, can make target of public criticism otherwise, cannot not prevent.
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