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The contraindication of the kitchen

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The kitchen is in relief curtilage one of most crucial places, because this must take seriously particularly, nip in the bud.

1. Kitchen avoid by all means closes completely in house
The kitchen should have one side to want to be in to hollowness at least (wait for) like the balcony, courtyard, backyard, avoid by all means closes, or it is in the center of the house. This kind of case is common build a room to abandon at proper motion of after the event, get a kitchen after house originally, after jian hou mian is built, turn a house into the middle, not only be a hindrance to is wholesome, more influence home motion.
2. The kitchen cannot be set between the bedroom
The kitchen must not be set between two bedrooms, make this avoid, to living the person in the bedroom of both sides is adverse.
3. The ingle in the home makes outwards decline of family financial situation
The kitchen also cannot be built in front of the house, most avoid ingle is outward, otherwise domestic motion decline.
4. Avoid is inside the kitchen catharsis dress
Some people can put washing machine in the kitchen, this is bad, the ancients regards the kitchen as the place of kitchen gentleman, very divine, amid cleans feculent clothings, influence luck. Actually the kitchen is concerning of the family feed salary and health, cannot informal.