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Live in plan of match colors the five elements

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The home, first action is the heart (the soul) the ground that rest. We are eastwardly today culture especially the tradition of Chinese culture will discuss the concern between colour and person house.
The modern overworked with exhausted all of body and mind pushs a door after a day, in the atmosphere that longs to blend in warmth. But, after countless people walk into a door still blundering, still mind is restless. Actually they are the small blundering field that enter one each to set by a big blundering gas field. Our skill n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine decorate a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting too much, and ignore more easily for person place among them, it is tonal to the bedroom undeserved collocation. Colour has very big effect to the person's spirit and mood, no matter be in,this says the thing just is the fact that does not dispute already. We are eastwardly today culture especially the tradition of Chinese culture will discuss the topic between colour and person house.  

   The five elements and colour

Sage of our country ancient time makes classification of cosmic life everythings on earth basically element for 5 kinds, this is a kind of great and simple philosophy concept. This doctrine, till test of classics enumerate chiliad is sent more now be taken seriously by each country academia. 5 kinds of element that the ancients makes this cosmic everythings on earth (also be the energy of life with 5 kinds of tiny essence of life) call " the five elements " , namely wood, fire, earth, gold, water. The five elements also has each to it corresponding figure, quality of a material, sound and color.  

   The five elements with respect to its place token can make following talking:  

Wood: Series of green, green jade, green. Fire: Red, purple series.  

Earth: Series of yellow of yellow, earth. Gold: White, ivory series.  

Water: Series of black, blue.  

Idea of the five elements is in antediluvian already formed namely before 3 generation, and doctrine of the five elements of yin and yang results from as philosophical thought times of the Warring States of our country age. It ever was applied extensively at a lot of domain in our country ancient time, after experiencing countless historical changes, the doctrine of the five elements that western developed country all is in research our country like Japan and Euramerican different region now reachs culture of The Book of Changes, apply its in a lot of domains.  

Application occupies a territory in the home, the aesthetic view that we discover not hard the Chinese is classical agrees with theory of the five elements, and even if is the stylist with outstanding west its match in colour the successful case of the respect also the harmonious concept that there's no one who doesn't or isn't agrees with photograph of the five elements to be born.  

The demitint of other can part according to mass-tone department classify, but besides the property that this color can have in mass-tone place, hold a property that complementary color has concurrently.
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