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The sitting room is geomantic 16 unique skill

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Thirteenth enrols southwest square, peach blossom carry, yellow

If consider promotional marriage or amative carry force, so sitting room this trend is most fundamental. Southwest azimuth belongs to earth, catalytic method and northeastern identical. Herein places the desk lamp of droplight type to be able to increase energy, stimulative spouse concern closes come to an agreement; Natural crystal and photograph of a photograph of whole family also have same effect.

The 14th action is southeastern, money carry, green

The southeastern delegate of the sitting room the money of a family. The five elements belongs to wood, be fond of coloring is green, the article that belongs to wood in this azimuth decoration so can have the effect that enrol money, among them the greenery effect with round leaf is best. Do not place dry flower absolutely, because shade is angry too heavy. Also suit to place aquarium very much here, because water can raise wood, 8 goldfish and one are raised in the crock blackfish. Want to notice aquarium size to answer to match with sitting room space, too big or too small not appropriate.

Colour of the 15th action

The mass-tone of the sitting room is not geomantic the main factor that assign. The most important is the energy equilibrium that the place giving birth to a gram of pattern and the five elements reachs. Choose proper facial expression relative to the azimuth of whole house according to the sitting room nevertheless, can have geomantic the effect that adds cent. For example, if the sitting room is located in residential southwest or northeast azimuth, applying yellow is; If be located in southeastern or Oriental, applying green is; Be located in north, applying blue is; Be located in south, applying red is; Be located in northwest square or the west, applied white, argent or aureate.

Furniture of the 16th action

The modelling of furniture wants solid, use the sofa of tall back and seat, because not only comfortable indicative also family life has support. On ideal, the decoration of sitting room furniture had better submit form of the Eight Diagrams, because seat is adjacent of each other photograph, can promote human relation close come to an agreement. Build suit to rest the space with Morpheus, and cannot exist have evil spirit energy of life. The bedroom must be cleared away neat, can accumulate otherwise dirty gas.