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The sitting room is geomantic 16 unique skill

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What next we discuss how to decorate 8 azimuth respectively is very geomantic, and the life desire of catalytic correspondence.

The 7th action north, career carry, black and blue

Examination sitting room of boreal azimuth decorate. north carries on behalf of the career, belong to water travel, be fond of coloring is blue or black. The article that belongs to water is placed to carry to the career of habitant in this azimuth helpful, for example aquarium, landscape painting, sprinkler. The metal that perhaps places black is acted the role of it is OK also to taste, because of gold can unboiled water.

The 8th Zhao Zhengna, reputation carry, gules

south azimuth has decorated geomantic meeting to bring reputation and affirmation for the family, be in charge of the parent of bread especially. south belongs to igneous travel, be fond of coloring is gules. Fit the picture of pensile phoenix, flamingo or sunrise. Red carpet or gules ligneous adornment (because wood can make a fire) very appropriate also. In this azimuth furnish floodlight can increase reputation use more. If the mirror must be placed in this position, want to place one side small glasses without fail, because the mirror belongs to water, and water is met put out a fire, adverse to reputation movement power.

The 9th Zhao Zhengdong, healthy carry, green

east position is affecting the health of habitant. The plant that sets exuberance in this area can promote the health of family and long life. The article that belongs to water or landscape painting are helpful also, because water can raise wood.

The 10th Zhao Zhengxi, descendants carry, argent

power of movement of western relation descendants, the five elements belongs to gold, be fond of coloring is white, aureate and argent. Hollow metal wind-bell, TV and acoustics suit metallic carving, 6 column very much place in this area. Because earth can give birth to gold, so decoration white vase or natural crystal also have the effect that catalytic descendants carries.

Eleventh enrols northwest square, noble carry, white

The energy of azimuth of northwest of aggrandizement sitting room, conduce to raise noble carry and human concern. This area belongs to gold, suit to put white, aureate or argent metal to act the role of so article, for example the desk lamp that metallic carving or metallic base add white circle chimney. String together 6 ancient money or suspension with red rope 6 column are hollow metallic wind-bell also but attract noble carry.

Dozenth action is northeastern, wen Changyun, yellow

If the child is wanting to take an examination, had better note the geomantic position of this azimuth. This area belongs to earth, be fond of coloring is yellow and ashen. The vase of pottery and porcelain article that belongs to earth suits to use the energy that strengthens this area. Natural crystal is very effective also.
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