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The sitting room is geomantic 16 unique skill

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With Ju Jiafeng water character, the geomantic relation of the sitting room is worn what movement power of the family and family concern is harmonious.

What must make gas smooth is current in the sitting room, cannot assemble accumulates the blind angle of dirty gas.

The sitting room is the main activity place that the life that occupy the home and company teach the guest that make a dinner. Decorate a sitting room so very geomantic can come for family generation happy. The sitting room also is promotional life the optimal room of 8 great desires, because each person can use a sitting room, good sitting room is geomantic can make every family member indebted.

Trend of the first court

The sitting room had better be located in before half live position that approachs an entrance door, what so that be inducted directly,enter from the gate is angry. If must pass ability of a corridor to reach a sitting room, so corridor must keep neat, and illume must enough, lest block up is enraged,enter a sitting room. If be interlining house design, the sitting room should be located in lower level.

Pattern of the 2nd action

The pattern of the sitting room had better be square or rectangle, seat area cannot rush evil spirit to house part, sofa cannot press bridge. If prominent house role gives off attack by a hidden enemy, can furnish miniascape or furniture to dissolve. If the sitting room submits L form, can use furniture general lie between two quadrate area, regard two independent rooms as. For example, can regard an area as parlor, another area regards as living room. Or be one side mirror is hanged in wall, symbolistic complemental vertex damage, next, regard as whole room will decide center.

The 3rd action adjusts domestic act the role ofing

Acerb article, for example specimen of Dao Jian, firearm, medal, animal, should not hang on the wall. Because these article can produce shade gas, bring about brawl or rough stuff. The same desk lamp that also should avoid to ornament part having hill or adornment.

Air current of the 4th action is smooth

What must make gas smooth is current in the sitting room, cannot assemble accumulates the blind angle of dirty gas.

Water of the 5th attract too much attention is furnished

The decoration of the sitting room basically is the way of life that sees habitant is decided with aesthetic view. The decoration of any geomantic mascot wants basis life 8 great desires and individual the azimuth of this life divinatory symbols, had better be to consult professional and geomantic division.

The 6th action 8 azimuth

Draw the plan of a piece of sitting room first, the position of detailed and indicative door and window, the sitting room cent is become 9 wait for a portion, designation gives life the corresponding azimuth of 8 great desires. The picture gives the center of the sitting room, decide the position of the sitting room with compass next, especially the position of the gate. The principle catalysis life that mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements of the five elements can press later 8 great desires.
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