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What bathroom door develops backstairs is geomantic

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The toilet is damp agglomerate place, belong to what did not get angry " alone the gas of shade. " the kitchen boils the place that feed the land for cooking range, belong to " the gas of dry fire. " alone shade and dry fire belong to ill-fated gas. < < Xue Xinfu > > the cloud: "Gu this world is not unripe, alone shade won'ts do " , it is the gas that shows two have no harmonic yin and yang.
Bathroom door becomes two gas phase to rush to backstairs, hand in into igneous water not the bureau of aid. Advocate carry curtilage not suitable, family fortune relapses, stand or fall; And easy incur dark disease.
It is not difficult to dissolve a method, should be in only bathroom door or it is backstairs hangs bead shade, the problem can be solved.