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Dining-room is geomantic 13 unique skill

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The 7th action is optimal and mensal modelling

Mensal appearance has important geomantic sense. Table had better be circle or elliptic, avoid to have acerb desk part. Those who resemble family property of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale is flourishing with solidarity. If use quadrate table, should avoid to sit in desk horn, lest be developed by evil spirit gas,arrive.

The 8th action is favored number

Mensal seating is influential also to domestic motion. Theoretic, 6, 8, 9 it is the lucky number that belongs to this world. Although the have dinner number in the home is fixed, can occupy when dinner customer nevertheless ask a few guests in order to decide this.

Ji Fang of the 9th action

Should face towards when have dinner of every member in the home 4 Jifangzhi of this life divinatory symbols one and sit 〔 refers to introduction 〕 . Adjust the seat of the person that bread is in charge of in the home, make his face angry square and sit. Maternal criterion Ying Chaoyan year square and sit, because this is represented,the family is mixed happy. The children that learning had better face towards volt, have the effect of the Wen Changyun that send flourishing. The elder in the home faces weather medical service square and sit, can grow health care health.

Mirror of the 10th action
In mirror of furnish of have dinner area, shine upon gives the food on table, have the effect that makes fortune double. This is the home in exclusive and OK place of alimental of pensile mirror shine upon, kitchen of other such as is absolutely cannot hang a mirror, because can cause accident or fire,happen.

Eleventh enrols mascot

Dining-room suits to place blessing salary Shou Sanxian, resemble fortune of a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale, health and long life. In addition, the drawing of fruit and food, also can bring lucky. Orange represents riches and honour, peach represents long life and health, pomegranate delegate is much child much grandson.

Dozenth action tableware

The Chinese reviews idiomatic chopstick and spoon take food, avoid to use acerb knife and fork, prevent to rush evil spirit. Bowl dish also have the mascot such as dragon, bat or peach normally as adornment. Chinese meal after likes to drink tea, purify is fat.

Thirteenth enrols mensal ceremony man

Quarrel happening when dining is the thing that both neither courtesy has a stroke of bad luck again. Have dinner time is a family the hour of happy get-together, family and happy, domestic motion just is met Chang Wang. If better dines together, must ask elder to be used first, this not only it is courteous, also have the sense of bliss junior