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Dining-room is geomantic 13 unique skill

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Use article place to introduceGeomanticGist decorates good dining room geomantic, can make the family is mixed happy, healthy, fund is wide into. Common saying says, the home and all things are promoted, dining-room is geomantic it is the key that stimulative family member gets along well. Good dining-room is geomantic not only the centripetal force that can condense domestic member, also have the effect that enrols money. Dine in Chinese culture it is very significant Ding Shi action, family person should eat meal in all at least everyday, feeling just is met harmonious.

Pattern of the first action

geomantic angle, dining-room and other room are same, pattern wants Founder, cannot have vertex damage or bulgy corner. The pattern of rectangle or square is optimal, the easiest also decorate.

Position of the 2nd court

Dining-room answer between a Wu Ke hall and kitchen, rank central place of the residence. Such layout but promotional close child of the relation close come to an agreement. Dining-room avoid by all means of the toilet of building of Wu Shangyi layer lower part, be squelched because of the lucky meeting of dining-room.

Decorate of the 3rd action

Energy part of the family comes from the food of Wu Jin eat. By at dining-room it is the area that take food, the money that follows a family so matters greatly. Dining-room should use the decorate of bright color and bright illume, in order to increase the energy that fire goes, save up this world is angry. Herein places a plant to be able to enhance in relief gas and fortune more.

The 4th action is fierce

Dining-room should be in residential center the position, but cannot be opposite continuously front door or rear gate. Still the problem on a few pattern also should avoid. For example, if be design of the building in the building, dining-room answer a Wu Lou on; Dining-room controls the window of two sides wall to should not be opposite, because gas can be entered from one side window, and go out from another window, cannot get together gas, adverse the air transport at the residence. The space that avoids to use adjacent toilet is become dining-room, if avoid hard, table should be far from a toilet as far as possible.

Yin and yang of the 5th action is concoctive

Decorate dining room yin and yang to balance, but slant slightly in relief space. To add in relief energy of life, the Home Dong all article that belongs to shade had better not place ancestral picture or character in dining-room. Shade enrages motion of too heavy harmful home. On the other hand, this world has enraged Cheng Youhui to cause a family to become estranged.

The 6th arrow that enrol poison

Acerb house part and bridge column will be radiative evil spirit gas, applied home all and miniascape dissolve house part, want to avoid to sit below bridge at the same time, if cannot avoid, can go up in bridge with red rope pensile two Zhu Xiao, zhu Xiao becomes 45 degrees of part opposite, xiaokou is gadarene, can dissolve evil spirit gas so. Another method is floodlight of furnish angle of elevation, lamplight is point-blank house bridge.
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