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Household is geomantic with decorate

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1, indoor colour should have integral effect;

2, want to consider the harmony of indoor colour and road of wind of indoor and tectonic, style;

3, want to consider colour and illuminative impact, because illuminant size is mixed,lighting system can give colour to bring change.

4, avoid of esteem and the disposition of the person that notice to use, hobby, happy event. The psychology of the person that consider to use gets used to ability.

5, the attention when choosing adornment material knows the color character that decorates material.

F, houseplant and water

Geomantic the theory to afforest is: "Cunxiangzhi has tree, still of the person have the clothes, rare a cowardly is cold. Heavy panel suffers from heat. The truth in this, yin and yang should counteract " . The residence, court all around is appropriate of inside and outside planted some of what tree? What should not be again? Geomantic learn to have only discuss: "Plant east peach willow (beneficial horse) , plant on the west elm, Na Chongmei jujube (beneficial ox) , north is planted Nai apricot " . "Fan Shumu each curtilage auspicious, back curtilage Mu Biaocui of 4 bank bamboo takes fierce "" residence money "" atrium is planted tree advocate cent piece, door front courtyard is planted jujube happy event auspicious; Front courtyard heart is planted wooden much spare time is tired, heart of long establish front courtyard advocate the Men Youhuai in disaster fry "" , blessing expensive sansei; Curtilage hind have Yu, 100 ghost are not close " . "Curtilage Dong Youxing is fierce, curtilage north has plum, there is peach to all be excessive evil on the west curtilage. There is peach to all be excessive evil on the west curtilage..

According to studying the result proves: "Plant itself has the branch of yin and yang, also exist between the plant mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements, mutual restrict: Person and plant also are put in mutual promotion and restraint between the five elements... " .

For example: The content of happy Yang Zhi that ability of 1800 lux illuminance blossoms normally, wait to fall in shade condition like Bai Lan, rose, jasmine, wintersweet, peony, peony, cuckoo, chrysanthemum, long bad or leave without the flower. Or do not have fruit knot or die.

Wet annulus article is iron of pine of bamboo of unripe, curvature of the spinal column, evergreen, a fabled abode of immortals, Brazil, green the plant such as trailing plants.
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