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Household is geomantic with decorate

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Green is delegate life, spring, halcyon with pure and fresh, it is indoor in decorating, constant coloring is moved, indoor deserve to be mixed with green carpet miniascape, can make a person calm.

White and black, state distress is mixed slow. Press the Chinese's habits and customs, folk-custom, devotional, abstain from consideration match colors, as far as possible need not black, pure blue, deep ash, medium grey, pure wait for color in vain.

Geomantic learn to pay attention to the five elements of yin and yang. So, indoor colour is used on, should close with the functional photograph of the room and not photograph offend. Wood, gold, fire, water, on the five elements parts as corresponding as green, white, red, black, Huang Xiang. Close to be born, be contrary to to be overcome, two example specification lifts below: Be like cafeteria, advocate carry out food, food is stemmed from on, mass-tone is used easily yellow, at the same time the instrument adds water cook with fire. With gold (cooking utensils) operation. Reason also can fizzle out with red, grandma wait for a variety of color to cooperate. And color of fashionable dress merchant is usable shallow green, milk is white, compensatory elegant red, elegant blue cooperate and use. In a word, indoor colour must ask to choose by use function, suit with the demand bearing of use environment.

Now indoor decorate reasonable lubricious a local opera of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region to cooperate a method, the introduction gives authority.

Bedroom and living room, the color of wall is flavescent shallow pink; The door and curtain and color are light yellow color, pink and weak creamy, this kind cooperates to be able to create a comfortable and bright atmosphere.

Dining-room and children room wall; Use shallow grandma yellow first, the door and curtain and color are weak creamy and flavescent pink. This kind is tie-in, give a person a kind of lively aura a little while.

The room with the room with day colder north and poorer lighting, the color of wall. Can choose creamy series, the color of the door and curtain can choose light yellow color, this kind cooperates the room feels bright it seems that entirely.

Study or atelier, the color of wall can choose green system and other light. The color of the door and curtain can choose green system and other light. The color of the door and curtain can use weak pink first and mix weak and bright other color, this kind cooperates a person a kind of quiet, cozy feeling.

The color of kitchen wall, had better be the color with Baihe other is shallow and bright grandma, the door and curtain are green system and other are weak and bright color to be mixed with health to the person angry.
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